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hello friend! you'll find lots of cute items that range from stickers, to stationary, and more! I hope you find things that spark joy for you, a friend, a family member, or all of the above!

About Me, The Artist Behind O'Leary Designs!

O'Leary Desgins started out with me illustrating for friends and quickly turned into me illustrating for others, then eventually me opening my shop! It has been the most rewarding thing I've done! Wanna learn some more about this artist? click below ☻

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✷ Best Sellers ✷

    Jacqueline Berry

    I had Marissa create a piece to surprise a friend who’s dad was heaven bound. Marissa created the most beautiful and thoughtful design by piecing together multiple photos. So thankful for her, I highly recommend!

    Stella Lane

    My favorite wrapping paper ever! I actually haven’t even used it for my presents this year because I don’t want to give it away LOL… not the point of wrapping paper, I know, it’s just so cute!!

    Johnicia Bailey

    I absolutely adore this bookmark! It’s so cute!