About Me, The Artist ☺

Hey there! It's so nice to meet you! I'm Marissa, and I do all the behind the scenes at O'Leary Designs :)

I wanted to name a few of the things that are my favorite (most of them I tend to incorporate in my work) –

~ I LOVE to read . This is something I've always been heavily passionate + influenced by and if you're wondering what types of books I read, let me tell you! I enjoy reading romantasy + historical fiction!

~ I enjoy anything and everything dealing with Fall + Halloween. It's my favorite time of the year + I wait for it to come around as soon as it's over. I also enjoy horror films + shows – I even have a whole tattoo sleeve dedicated to my favorite ones!

~ I have drawn for much of my life, often doodling whenever + wherever I could! It's honestly one of the best gifts my dad could've passed onto me!

About O'Leary Designs ☺

O'Leary Designs started out as a small hobby, and not anything like what it looks like today! I picked up drawing again after my second daughter was born and I would illustrate people, families, friends, even pets! After a nasty bout with burnout, I decided to close that chapter of my business + make it something I truly wanted to grow and make my own. I started making graphics + illustrations dedicated to mental health, self care, + Social Justice, and now O'Leary Designs has evolved into what it is now – which encompasses all those things and more.

(Fun fact: I actually went through about 3-4 different name changes before I settled on my current name!)

I also work + collaborate with other people/small businesses that share the same values, as that is incredibly important to me and that brand that I've created. O'Leary Designs is and always will be, dedicated to being a safe space for ALL marginalized groups.