About Me, The Artist ☺

Hey there! It's so nice to meet you! I'm Marissa, and I do all the behind the scenes at O'Leary Designs :) I'm 28 and a mom to 3 amazing girls. A few of my favorite things are Hallowen, horror movies, true crime anything, anything dealing with the paranormal, drinking coffee every morning, and my favorite season of the year is (you probably guessed it) Fall!

Something not a lot of people know about me is that I was born and raised in South Texas (RGV) and now live in New York and have been for almost 8 years now! I always told myself that I would find somewhere to live that had actual seasons and I love it!

Where did the drawing come from? Well, I've loved drawing and doodling since I could hold a pencil. It's one of the talents I believe I got from my dad. You could catch me drawing on everything and anything I could! It has always been a passion of mine, and one I mistakingly let go of for a whole decade! Now its my job and I couldn't love it more :)

About O'Leary Designs ☺

O'Leary Designs started out as a small hobby, and not anything like what it looks like today! I picked up drawing again after my second daughter was born and I would illustrate people, families, friends, even pets! After a couple of months doing that, my friends (and my husband) pushed me to make it something more. I decided to go for it and opened up O'Leary Designs. (Fun fact: I actually went through about 3-4 different name changes before I settled on my current name!)

Now, I have evolved my business into something that is an extention of myself and more. Not only do I still offer custom and meaningful illustrations, but I create art and products that reflect my values. You will find everything from Mental Health, to Social Justice, and even occasional Small Business encouragment (because let's face it - we need it sometimes). I try to work and collabortate with other people/small businesses that share the same values as well, as that is incredibly important to me and that brand that I've created.