Interactive Children's Floor Mat

In 2020 I designed two separate interactive floor mats for a small business. They are both educational and used for fun! They are similar to I Spy and matching games which is where the wooden disks come in. This project is the largest printed/manufactured project to date.

A for Aesthetics Book

In late 2019 I was joined by 12 other illustrators and artists to illustrate 2 pages for a book called A for Aesthetics. It is a book about modern parenthood specifically in the age of social media. The book went on to be published in 2020.

Positive Reinforcement Children's Behavior Chart

In 2020 I collaborated with a therapist to create a positive reinforcement chart to encourage children to do age appropriate chores and also get small rewards when the chart is completed. There are 12 different elements that were illustrated for this project.